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About Us

ID-INFINITE Individuality of choice

Let us introduce ourselves

ID-INFINITE was founded in 2012 to produce customised accessories.

We believe in good looks. Our main goal is to provide our customers with elegant iPhone covers.

Individuality of your stile is key to our work. Therefore we offer large choice of colours. So that you can be neat together with your accessories.

Design your one

How it all came to be…

Choose large varieties of premium leather colours. Our cases are made of genuine leather and premium soft touch plastic. Leather in combination with matte plastic wakes warm feelings in your hand. Also our materials are not slippery and it gives you good grip of your phone.

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Free Shipping

Custom orders are shipped out within 48h directly to customer’s address !

Products are delivered free of charge by Deutsche Post !

Depending on final destination delivery takes 3-9 days !

All shipments are dispatched from Frankfurt (Main) DHL distribution centre.

Our leather

All our leathers are made in Germany. Our leather artisans are experienced in the finest leather workmanship in the world. They use modern German tanning techniques to craft quality, durability and beauty into every bag.


Our design is a unique story made for a distinctive identity – your story and your IDentity. We believe that design is about expressing your emotions and sensations. It’s about creating a beautiful visualization to perfectly complement what you hold.


Our frames are made of high quality rubber coated plastic. It gives gentle feeling and prevents phone from slipping from your hands.


Leather crafting is a tough job that requires a lot of skill and experience. All our craftsmen have decades of experience in leather crafting. Our most complicated products take up to a full day for a single craftsman to master it with perfection according to your individual order. To guarantee the utmost quality while being close to worlds best leather tanneries all individual orders are crafted in European Union.


Let colors in your life by choosing suitable phone cover for your mood.

Corporate orders

It is possible to make special order for your company. We can depict your company’s logo or catch phrase on iPhone cover. There are few different ways of embedding logo of your choice on leather surface of iPhone cover. Method depends on the degree of complexity and wanted result. Graphical logos we can engrave with laser, but there are few more methods. So we welcome you to contact us and we will find the best solution exactly for your iPhone cover.

Gift cards

Gift cards are available upon request. Just write us en e-mail

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